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Oggioni S.a.s. was established in 1996. Thanks to the long experience in the field of data acquisition, distributed intelligence and field detection in industrial application Oggioni S.a.s. has rapidly become a major player in Fire & Gas detection market.
Continuous developments have let us become one of the principal supplier of toxic/explosive gas detectors, electronic heat detectors as well as data acquisition modules, supplying important national and international companies, specific products for safety and environmental monitoring sectors.

Oggioni S.a.s. team involving production, sales, technical support, customer service and administration is every day working with synergy towards one and only objective: our customers satisfaction.



Technical support and customer service after sales
Brand Identity


Standardized and customized systems according to customer specifications


Equipment for professional use, high technical specification in accordance with European standards


Competitive prices and domestic market

Currently Oggioni S.a.s. is employed in the research and development of new hardware and software technologies in conjuction with university institutes in order to realize new competitive products and systems able to guarantee customers an ever higher standard of safety at a competitive price-to-price ratio.


Using the many years of experience of Oggioni S.a.s and, of course, internal knowledge of the company to provide a variety of technical and expert advice to companies and industries. For further details complete the following form so our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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The main goal of the company is to supply high quality and accurate products at affordable and global prices. Given the global social stance against Iran, it is clear that some commodity importers are pushing for the use of the consumer market, but we are trying to find the right products Marketable at reasonable prices.


We have been able to register with the Oggioni S.a.s company in Iran and to provide the products and experiences of this company in the country with further efforts and follow ups. We are proud to use the achievements of this collection inside the country. This is a reciprocal point for more dynamism and better service.