Addressable Control Systems

Main technical characteristics:

  • 160 4-20mA transmitters in the field (20 REM modules)
  • 120 programmable outputs
  • 4 VT terminal module display in the field (optional)
  • PC interface for system monitor and configuration
  • Four RS485 drivers, used to connect the in field devices
  • Addressable Large back-lit graphic touchscreen display with plain-text readout

The CM-80 ID control unit has been designed following the functional security standards EN 61508 and the gas detection specific ones EN 50402.CM-80 ID is a programmable control system, intended to achieve the safety integrity level SIL1 (HFT=0).
The system is modular and expandable, in fact CM-80 ID central unit can manage up to 48 enose®gas transmitters with two RS-485 serial bus and also can acquire signals in 0-20mA current loop or galvanically isolated digital inputs, directly form the field or in a remote way using the remote concentrators (REM 485).
All the status relative to the inputs can be freely associated to relay logic outputs according to a cause effect matrix fully programmable.

Main System Characteristis
The CM-80 ID control unit main tecnical characteristic are:

  • Two Modbus RTU RS-485 serial lines used to connect the in field devices, configurable as open or closed loop.
  • Two 62.5/125um (3.5dB/Km.) fibre optic drivers (optional)
  • Possibility of addressing maximum 48 enose® Gas Transmitters.
  • N. 6 relay outputs (4 programmable from 2 to 5)
  • Possibility of addressing maximum 7 REM-485 remote concentrators

For a total I/O expansion of:

  • 42 programmable relay outputs
  • 49 Threshold inputs in 0-20mA current loop
  • 14 opto isolated digital inputs
  • 24 Vcc 20W Internal battery charger power pack

    Available in various configurations:
  • For DIN bar mouting
  • In box for wall mounting
  • In Rack 19”
  • REM485-ID enose®
    Remote concentrator for addressable EXcetera or CM-80 ID systems.
    These modules allow the system I/O expansion and the distribution of the system power supplies.

    Every module has
  • :n. 8 4-20mA inputs
  • n. 2 opto isolated digital inputs
  • n. 8 relay outputs
  • Two Modbus RTU RS-485 serial lines, confugurable as open or closed      loop
  • Two 62.5/125um (3,5dB/Km.) fiber optic drivers
  • 24Vcc 20W battery charger power pack