uv/ir flame detectors

The OGGIONI UV/IR-210/1 UV/IR flame detector is a combination of a UV- and IR- flame detector which utilizes a microprocessor for sophisticated electronic signal analysis. The IR part of the flame detector has an additional alarm criterion: the analysis of the flame flicker-frequency. The UV and the IR sensor must both exceed their alarm threshold to initiate a fire alarm. The UV/IR flame detector has a good false alarms rejection since the UV and the IR sensor do not share false alarm sources. The UV/IR-210/1 flame detector can thus be applied in areas where single UV or IR flame detectors could potentially cause false and/or unwanted alarms.

  • The applications in which the UV/IR-210/1 flame detector can be used are:
  • Hydrocarbons storage and processing including tank farmsUV/IR KIT
  • Hydrogen storage and processing
  • Chemical storages, fuels, paint and solvent storage
  • Oil and Gas pipe line and pumping stations
  • Fuel service stations
  • Engine rooms
  • Monitoring of machinery
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Car, bus, tram and train parking’s
  • Paint spray booth’s
  • Recycling and waste processing plants
  • Electric power transformers
  • Atriums
  • Bio gas setups and  stables



  • Monitors higher hydrocarbons flames (wood, paper, petrol) but also hydrogen and lower hydrocarbons such as methanol and methane.
  • Good resistance against the influences of:
  • direct and reflected sun light.
  • artificial light, such as fluorescent tubes and glass covered halogen lamps.
  • rcs and electric discharges (static or from e.g. electric motors).
  • the radiation from electric welding provided that the electric welding takes place at a distance more than 3 meters from the flame detector (a welding rod
  • contains organic compounds which show flame phenomena).
  • Less suitable for very smoky fires. This inhibitor of both the UV-sensor and the IR-sensor affects the flame detector performance.
  • Automatic Sensor Test (Built-in Self-Test) which monitors the sensors and the electronics of the flame detector for its proper operation.
  • DIP-switches to set the sensitivity and latching/non-latching alarm relay outputs to adjust the flame detector to the application (not active in EN54-10 models).

  • Rugged UV sensor and IR sensor make the detector suitable for virtually all fire types.
  • Sophisticated software enhances the reliability and availability of the detector.
  • Design of the housing and the swivel mount avoid mounting errors with regards to grounding.
  • Automatic Sensor Test (Built-in Self-Test) enhances the reliability and availability of the flame detector.
    A Pressure Compensating Element avoids additional cost of maintenance caused by moisture build up and increases the life time.
  • Non-sparking design enhances the reliability and the availability and with a reasonable add on price for an ATEX declaration it is suitable for use in zone 2/22.
  • Warranty: whichever comes first: 36 months after installation or 42 months after supply.