Heat Detectors TMP2

TMP2 series conventional heat detectors, includes an electronic circuit for signal conditioning generated by the transducer. The electrical signal of the transducer, is transformed effectively into an engineered output performance giving different interface solutions. The electronic card, reduced to the minimum size is made using exclusively SMT technology and placed directly into the unit probe.

High reliability, dependable long-life. Immune from EMI disturbances and virtually eliminate false alarms. Temperature set-point level setting from -20°C to 120°C. Optional Analog (4-20 mA) output available on request. Wide range of temperature settings and Rate of Rise feature. Two wires technology.

Typical applications: Commercial and Industrial plants. Suitable for use in explosive atmospheres. Hazard material stores Extraction ducts, etc.

TMP2 detectors are particularly suitable in very dangerous environmental conditions such as in the presence of corrosive elements or condensing steams. TMP2 detectors are sturdy, shock and vibration resistant and are compatible with any conventional fire-fighting unit on the market. TMP2 detectors comply with the specific response and environmental test requirements of the European standard. EN54-5 CPD certification pending. Certified ATEX II 2 G EEx-d IIC T6.